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    This was personal project in which I sketched my father fighting for a second chance.
In 2013 my dad had a Brain aneurysm, which almost ended his life. I spent countless hours watching him as he fought for a second chance.  I created a pencil illustration of my dad as I remembered him that night, with breathing and feeding tubes.  He is still recovering and is unable to walk on his own or speak as clearly as he use to but he is alive and joking like usual. 
It was difficult but helpful to illustrate him. I remembered the long nights, the medical machines still beeping, and the freezing A/C hitting me as I sat next to him. I struggled with the emotions of the situation but I felt comfort in the outcome. I also survived the ordeal and came out a better person so it wasn’t just his second chance but also mine. I hugged my family tighter and connected with new family.