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    Designing for stretch wrapping machine from Chinese manufacturer
Following shows the pallet wrapping machine both automatic and semiauto. You can find your need.
More information for pallet stretch wrapping machine:
Semiatuo pallet wrapping machine----you can get more information from
A lift desk for a Fhopepack pallet wrapping machine equipment, the lift desk comprising: a system having a first main facet and a 2nd significant facet a turntable rotatably mounted on the initial significant facet of the platform for supporting a pallet a lifting system related with the system for supporting the platform previously mentioned a ground a selectively controllable actuator operable on the lifting system to permit selective adjustment of the height of the platform previously mentioned the flooring.
2. A raise desk in accordance to assert
1, wherein the lifting system contains a single or more peak adjustable legs, which are capable to move into a collapsed placement, whereby a peak of the turntable is significantly less than 300mm above the floor.
3. A lift desk in accordance to assert two, whereby, in the collapsed placement, the height of the turntable is less than 150mm above the floor.
4. A elevate desk according to claim 2 or declare three, wherein the 1 or much more legs are mounted to a foundation defining the floor and the a single or a lot more legs at least partly recess into the foundation when in the collapsed position.
5. A lift desk in accordance to any 1 of promises 2 to 4, wherein two spaced apart sets of the legs are offered, each established of the legs comprising a initial member hingedly linked to a next member in a scissors arrangement.
6. A lift desk according to wrapping drawing, wherein the lifting system includes a plurality of tines for engaging a plurality of corresponding openings in the system.
7. A elevate desk according to any 1 of the preceding statements, whereby the platfown is removably related to the lifting mechanism.
8. A elevate table according to any 1 of the preceding statements, additional comprising a very first controller to which the actuator is responsive, and wherein, in a very first manner of operation, the initial controller is configured to handle the actuator to maintain the operative peak of the turntable, becoming the peak of a pallet on the turntable when unloaded or the height of the topmost layer of posts on the pallet when loaded or partially loaded, at a desired peak picked by an operator.
nine. A raise desk according to assert 8, more comprising a first sensor related with the turntable for sensing the operative peak of the turntable, the very first controller becoming responsive to the very first sensor for managing the actuator to sustain the operative top of the turntable at the wanted top selected by the operator. ten.
A pallet wrapping machine equipment comprising: a elevate desk according to any one of the previous promises and a pallet wrapping device connected with the lift table for wrapping a loaded or partly loaded pallet on the turntable.