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    Making of new coach design for local football club Jagiellonia Białystok.
Here's making of new coach design for local football club Jagiellonia Białystok.
As usual, everything starts with sketches. I've been asked to create 3 projects, but finally I've created one more.
I am awesome this way.
And after first good receptions from the club, I had to create visualisations - so fans could vote for new look.

Thankfully, they bought white bus (naturally I had to digitally clean it from ads), which was very handy to paint on it.
So the first project supposed to be uncomplicated. As Jagiellonia's shirts are in yellow-red stripes, it was kinda interesting variation on this simple motif.
For second one, I wanted it to be patriotic and majestic. I took legend of Polish Hussars, brave warriors with winged armours. Everyone in Poland is familiar with this symbol of polish proud.
Especially soccer supporters:D
I made it even more hardcore, by creating steel wings, like Archangel in X-men :D
Of course, it was still in the phase of conceptual sketch.
Then I took a look at Jagiellonia's mascot - Angry Bee. And I noticed, that a front piece of the bus looks like this bees head. And even more, those fancy side mirrors resemble bug-like antennas.
So with this project I've had the most fun. Like it was created for this model of coach :]
And then I was thinking about this fourth - bonus project.
Something cool, badass-looking.
That everyone on highway could look at it and get a feeling of being overtaken by magnificence on the road.

So I followed those wise words of my consultant...
...and I've created the last-but-not-least project, called 'Firebird'
Which after first stage of competition and few corrections from chiefs...
...had won the contest and hearts of fans.
(Except haters, because they're gonna hate anyways)
I'm really proud of the usage of Jagiellonia's logo, which obviously could be used as a shield (as my friend Steve demonstrated on this photo below. I don't know, he's got some kind of fetish with those things...)
I love to contemplate over shields. I'm passive-aggresive this way. Like my country.
And I also love symbolism. There's so much connection between sport competitions and ancient battles...
And this view of scorched and scratched, but unbroken shield makes this bus one of the most uplifting things I've done.
And I'm not even a sports enthusiast :D
Now, I have to be careful to not get stinged by this Angry Bee. She's so envy that her likeness didn't won.
And here it is, in front of Branicky Palace. Hot Rod Firebird bus.
I wish public transport could look like this:D