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    The metalinguistic representation of halftone printing on screen printing.
Halftone Lucha
Screen printed poster that reflects over the halftone printing technique and the struggle on a registration process of lining different halftone plates (layers) to print several colors.  
It is a metalinguistic project, the Luchador is holding printing squeegees on both hands, ready to print, after fighting the registration process.
The image composition is based on a picture of Pedro Morales, a Puerto Rican professional wrestler, WWE champion from early 70s. I worked over it in a digital collage process adapting his face to a wrestling mask and attaching squeeges to his hands.
14.5 × 12", three colors —  Newsprint Paper
Digital Colage Composition - Background, textures, light, shadows, mask and squeeges added.
14.5 × 12", three colors —  Newsprint Paper