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    Architectural Mapping

In occasion of the cultural event “La settimana del buon vivere” (the week of wellness), Apparati Effimeri presented an architectural mapping entitled Furlé. It was a 3D projection which followed the lines and perspectives of the facade of the city hall in Forli, Piazza Saffi. According to the mayor’s will, who wanted to recall the history of the place, Apparati Effimeri carried out a 3D animation able to enhance the beauty of one of the most important squares in the whole Italian history: Piazza Saffi. This monument, the town hall, bears fragments of memories and visual fascinations inscribed on its facade,  elements which remind to the most representative moments experienced in this square: from the battle of “the bloody pile” occurred on May 1st 1282, when the Ghibellines  of the city obtained a noteworthy victory and the Second World War bombing, up to the greatest community events of the second half of the Twentieth century. Furlè, the local dialect term for the city of Forlì, is a surreal tale which wants to render homage to Romagna, an Italian historical region that approximately corresponds to the south-eastern portion of present-day Emilia-Romagna. Its inhabitants have fought for centuries on the front line to stand up for freedom, making a decisive contribution both to the unification process of Italy and to the liberation from the Nazi-Fascist occupation.

// client:
Settimana del Buon Vivere// date:
8th october 2011
// location:
Piazza Saffi, Forlì
// sound design: