Honey Quest
A puzzle based digital game
It all started with a board game design based on the old dots and boxes game where the player has to draw lines to complete more boxes than the opponent to win. We changed the square to a hexagon and the type of line to be drawn or removed depends on the number on the dice.
We thought of taking this game to a next level by digitizing it. So instead of dice, we introduced honeybees sitting in the cells, which the player has to capture before they wake up. We also introduced a time limit. The gamespace was the honeycomb.
As the final iterations we completely changed the game objective and made this like a puzzle game, where the player has to find a path towards the bottom of the beehive where it will drip into the honeyjar. The objective is to collect maximum honey in minimum time avoiding the dangers and getting powerups.
As the game was initially meant for a tablet, we thought of incorporating gravity effects of honey trickling downwards using physics engine and accelerometer feedback but due to technical and time restrictions we couldn't try that out.

My contributions were in initial idea generation, game conceptualization, gameplay & gameflow design and programming the demo version in flash AS3.

To read more about the game please visit this blog.
The two player board game
Paper prototype of final iteration of Honey Quest
Instructions for the players
Higher levels get more difficult. Strategies and time management are crucial.