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    Cheil Worldwide (and South Korea’s) first ever seminar at the International Cannes Lions Festival, Cannes, France / 2008
It’s a first for Cheil and Korea. Cheil Worldwide presented their first seminar at the International Cannes Lions Festival in Cannes, France in 2008.

The title of the seminar A Day in the Life of a YMC (Youth Minded Consumer) in Seoul and the main format of the seminar was shown in a 20 minute documentary/video depicting the daily life of a young mobile consumer.

Executed by Cheil’s executive interactive creative director, Andrew Berglund, the main point of the seminar was to show today’s mobile trends and to highlight how Cheil was responding to this with new, interactive mobile marketing campaigns.

The official summary of the seminar is as follows:

An Interactive Exploration of Marketing Technology among the YMC’s in South Korea.

South Korea has been placed on the map as a leader within the mobile communications field and is today widely known for its innovations and capabilities to keep ahead on a global level. With a population of 48 million, the country has been characterized as a “laboratory” for the future of hi-tech industries; including mobile technology, video games, branded content and its new digital forms of music. Combining video, branded content and music together onto a mobile device platform of what is called the” handphone,” here in Seoul, we have established a powerful touch-point with the consumers of the 21st century.

Our seminar will position you into the mind of a YMC living in the modern digital metropolis of Seoul. And through this experience, you’ll see how today’s youth consumer is making the mobile device an extension of his/her existence – utilizing a wide spectrum of mobile services from Video calls, SMS, MMS, Vlogging/Blogging, Internet, Mobile TV Broadcast, Digital Multi-media Broadcast, m (mobile)-commerce, m-banking, m-mags, m-movies and other dynamic multi-sensory social content. We’ll give you insight of how mobile technology culture shapes the lives of young Seoulites today.

We are reminded that we are not just advertisers but also social agents to engage people with the mobile communication brands, and by identifying behavioral trends we also create cutting edge mobile content that meet the ever-changing and ultra sophisticated needs of today’s consumer.

My role: concept / topic / production / seminar speaker