This brand new rakia labels are designed to replace the existing ones of the two famous rakia brands of Karabunar winery – Kulturna and Bastunite. We used a solid paper with elegant texture of vertical lines to preserve the original vintage feeling of the old labels. In addition we did a flourished custom lettering for the brand names trying to keep the same style for the two words. The flourishes are designed to spread outside the letters in order to keep them easy to read as they are written in Cyrillic which sometimes mixed with calligraphy might look confusing to the audience.
Transparent varnish is applied over the lettering enhanced by a monoline shadow effect elegantly embossed around the curves and text. Under the brand name is placed a solid hot-foil decorative frame separating a special space where important attributes of the rakia are placed – alcohols, ageing period etc.
Rakia is one of the most popular spirits in Bulgaria. Closely related to folklore and habits of Bulgarians it is part of their holidays, emotions and traditions. Kulturna and Bastunite makes no exception for this as they are really well received for their brand names as well as for their fresh new look where authenticity and originality live in harmony with the natural warmth and spirit of traditional Bulgarian rakia drink.
Client: Karabunar Winery
Design: the Labelmaker
Hand Lettering: the Fontmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Kulturna rakia and Bastunite rakia by the Labelmaker