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    Selected clips from my motion design and animation work.
Selected clips from my motion design and animation work.

Projects in order of appearance:
0:06 Mixed Parts Brief 003 (personal) – creator
0:07 Mixed Parts Brief 004 (personal) – creator
0:09 Unreleased explainer for a healthcare tech brand – illustrator, animator
0:11 Statewide TV ad campaign for Ohio’s Hospice – illustrator, animator
0:12 Dayton Children’s brand launch video – designer, animator
0:14 Dayton Children’s logo animation (internal) – creator
0:17 Paper Rolls Now brand video – designer, animator, 3D modeler
0:19 Internal presentation video for Toys”R”Us (RIP) – animator
0:22 Graphica holiday video – illustrator, animator
0:25 Virb brand video – animator
0:26 Saga logo animation – designer, animator
0:27 Crown Infolink explainer – designer, animator, 3D modeler
0:28 Virb brand video – animator
Lightspeed Systems explainer – animator
SmartyTags brand video – designer, animator, 3D modeler
ChoreMonster internal character test – animator

Music: “Occam’s Sikhweee” by Sikh Knowledge