Amphibian Ark
Promotional and informational materials for a non-profit organization
Elements created for the non-profit organization, Amphibian Ark, include a 16-page informational booklet, a tri-fold brochure, a full page magazine advertisement, a ticket back, and a t-shirt.  The logo and text were created by and are property of Amphibian Ark 
The front cover and a spread for the 16-page informational booklet
Tri-fold brochure: print view
Screenshots from Amphibian Ark's newsletter and website
The full page magazine ad shown with the liftable flap closed, then open
An informational design meant to be printed on the back of admission tickets for attractions such as zoos and aquariums in order to provide a fact and a way to get more information
A t-shirt design meant to promote what Amphibian Ark does.  
Available for purchase through the Amphibian Ark website.