EXPO 2020 dubai - yoga type - line work and more.
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    a series of new work from Expo 2020 to Mijlo to an experiment with an human type in one line work! and more. enjoy and spread love jonathan.
Hi folks! Just a quick update with some work.
My contribute for dubai expo 2020 with theme collaboration :) you can listen my bad english in a short video :)
Some draw some pattern and more line work :)
enjoy and spread love thanks for support
This is my contribute for EXPO 2020 Dubai.
The idea is really simple. We are all connected. The black line define a lot of face and all of this face are identical just the color and some little particular made people different. We are all connected in this world
thanks for the photo by mohammad baroon
and the first draft :)
and if you have 2 minute here you can read a small interview about my work on designboom
thanks for your time! Enjoy and spread love!!!