The term dinner refers to the main meal in a day. Consumption of food is as essential an element of life as sleeping for a human being. Most of the people who know the importance of eating habits care about the quality of food and nutrition.  However, even if the food provides the necessary nutrition, that alone is not enough. The question is, what is a quality dinner? Having dinner is not just about eating food, but portrays many aspects of our lives.

     A study in Public Health Nutrition which compiles data relating to American’s food-related time use over the past 30 years reveals some interesting trends: Eating as a primary activity declined in the past 30 years.  On the other hand, eating as a secondary activity rose dramatically in the past 30 years. When we combine the primary and secondary eating time, we see that in total we’re spending an average of 25 or more minutes daily eating than we did 30 years ago.  We now do almost 50 percent of our eating while concentrating on something else.

     I would like to propose thinking what a dinner should be by objectively seeing diverse dinner situations. When you enjoy mealtimes, you’re more likely to eat better.
Let's think what we can do to enhance the pleasure of the table. 

photography by Miho Aikawa
Chelsea Olson
Chelsea, a model concentrates on her food while reviewing her busy day.
Age: 20   Time: 8:13 PM   Location: Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
Garro Heedae
Heedae, a musician has dinner late at night after intensive drum rehearsal sessions.
Age: 28   Time: 1:20 AM   Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
Carlos Ledesma
Carlos, from Algentina usually enjoys Sunday night with his friends watching TV show on HBO at home.
Age: 31,   Time: 8:06 PM   Location: Astoria, Queens
Kimberly Cherubin and Gregory Santos
Kimberly and Gregory, wife and husband often stay late at offices on weekdays but try to have dinner together as much as possible, usually accompanied by their cat, Tigerlilli.
Age: Kimberly 31, Gregory 31  Time: 9:06 PM    Location: Inwood, New York
     Jai Yoon Lee
Jai Yoon, a student from South Korea has dinner in her dorm room watching her favorite Japanese TV shows.
Age: 20   Time: 7:51 PM    Location: Greenwich Village, New York
Gideon, a security guard of a storage company eats a simple dinner at work.
Time: 7:42 PM    Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
Avina Christie
Avina, a 9 months old baby  has dinner with her mother, and through a skype video call shares the time with her grandparents who live in Boston.
Age: Avina 9 Months   Time: 6:57 PM    Location: Upper West, New York
U Pa Mok Kha
U Pa Mok Kha is a monk from Myanmar who cannot eat after 12 noon. Local people bring him food and  after he is done, he shares the rest of the food with them.
Age: 55 Time: 11:17 AM    Location: Jackson Heights, Queens
Bobby Blue and Joey Outten
Bobby and Joey met each other through blind date cooking and they enjoy cooking and eating dinner together.
Time: 7:23 PM    Location: Bedford, Brooklyn
Richard Phillip Nelson
Richard, who works in several restaurants, eats dinner during his break at an organic cafe in Earthmatters. He is an organic vegan and comes to this cafe
a few times in a week.
Age: 59,   Time: 5:58 PM   Location: Lower East Side, New York
Zheng Yun
Zheng lives with her daughter and son, but usually eats dinner alone while watching TV.
Age: 52 Time: 8:54 PM    Location: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
Jorge Valdés-Iga
Jorge, a movie producer, eats at a NY deli. He always chooses the same seat, watching the clock.
Age: 27   Time: 6:30 PM  Location: Midtown, New York
Jessie Zinke
Jessie, a designer has leftover for dinner on her bed, while watching her favorite TV show.
Age: 27  Time: 6:54 PM  Location: Chelsea, New York
Yohan Kim
Yohan, an architect, worked over time with his coworkers.  They had pizza and beer on the desk.
Age: 28  Time: 7:27 PM    Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn

Auranuch Lorsakul
Auranuch, a PHD student at Columbia University, eats fast food in a lab while watching video lectures.
Time7:18 PM    Location: Upper West Side, New York
Ali Carolina Lazo and Juan Antonio Carbonell
Juan and Ali, newlyweds from Venezuela, enjoy their dinner of Arepa and wine, while talking with Ali's brother in Venezuela on speakerphone.
Age:  Ali 25, Juan 27  Time: 9:10PM   Location: Upper East, New York
Matthew Vogel
Matthew, relaxes with a sandwich and a beer during the evening commute to Pleasantville, NY.
Age: 30  Time: 6:59 PM    Location: White Plains, Harlem Line
Oona Wagner
Oona,  a 13-year old girl who lives with her father and her stepmother, has her favorite Italian food prepared by her father while watching a TV show on her bed.
Age: 13   Time: 8:21 PM   Location: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

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@ 2011 Miho Aikawa

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