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Dragon roars!

2 months left in 2011.
The most memorable year and the year we will never forget.  – Japan 3.11.11 Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster.
Through this disaster, I strongly feel that “No More man-made disaster”
What is a reason for people to wake up in the morning?
What’s going on within the society is, I think, what’s going on inside of us.

Which way do we go, as who have commitment towards creating Beauty?
There is not much we can do in the limited time.
A new year is coming in 2 months. Year of the Dragon.

Every designer expresses their thoughts and feelings with the image of Dragon, as they take a step in 2012.

Always be honest about every little thing.
We want to put our heart and soul into everything.

Hair design Kazuya Kurosaki   Photograph Munenari Maegawa, Make up Yoshi.T
Dragon's roars for Rebirth 20110311
Hair design Takeshi Nakajima, Photograph Munenari Maegawa, Make up Yoshi.T
Hair designer Mitsuo Kitao, Photograph Munenari Maegawa, 
Hair design Hidekazu Nagata, Photograph Munenari Maegawa
Hair design shinsuke Namazue,  Photograph Munenari Maegawa,
Hair design Youko Kawajiri, Photograph Munenari Maegawa