Illustrations | Series of avatars for gyPost webmail

gyPost    Series of avatars for gyPost webmail

    Within the new system's interface creation there was a bunch of avatars given for development, that would have characterized the job as well as the character of the contact it was to be applied to.

    We decided to use a very simple and laconic style with bright backgrounds, because the size of the avatar changed depending on the partition of the interface in gyPost system.

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Sketching Stage

Illustration and UI Design

Shown below are the existing avatar ratios in the interface.
The avatar collection ideally suits the needs of a multifunctional webmail service such as gyPost.

Industries Avatar Collection

With the gyPost service expanding, we're busy at work creating more and more new avatar collections.
This time we tried to devote our newest collection of 20 userpics to the different industries, reflected in the collection name.

Color Research

As a result we ended up with color schemes we decided to divide,
and together with collections test launch we will conduct a testing of color schemes and their usage.

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gyPost Project Presentation: Behance →

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Illustrations | Series of avatars for gyPost webmail
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