In 2008 we were invited to take part in one of the most recognizable online exhibitions �" Desktopography.

Download .zip here (1680x1050)
We'll be part of this year's exhibition too in collaboration with one of you favorite photographers. Stay tuned.

About the projectAt their best, desktop wallpapers bring animation to often lifelesscomputer screens, reflecting the personality of the user and acting asa calling card for creative talent. The desktopography project arrivedin 2005 as a place to download nature / topological themed wallpaperswith edits from selected designers. Designers spend about 90% of theirwaking life in front of a computer so the most appealing genre for awallpaper would be one that has beautiful design mixed with the allimportant aspect of being outdoors.Ever since its conception, Desktopography has been a non-profit, funproject and we would encourage you to share this site with family,friends and people you know, there is something here for everyone notjust designers. Most of the wallpapers here can be downloaded in avariety of sizesFor the designer, creating wallpapers is a great way to perfect yourcraft and create images specifically for different environments fromdesktops and laptops to mobile phones and MP3 players. What we seeeveryday can affect our mood and state of mind, enhance your desktopwith a wallpaper creation from desktopography and feel the essence ofnature and the outdoor existence on your computer. Bring tranquility toyour desktop, feel the wilderness and give your background a breath offresh air..