Nestle Country Fresh
In-store promotion: What's your flavour?
To promote Nestle's Country Fresh ice cream flavours in-store. Elements were developed to brand the entire in-store promotion. From a ice cream trolley; tray; aprons for the promoters to give away gifts like shopping-list pads. 

Concept: Highlight the heritage of Country Fresh ice cream and trigger nostalgia for old-style ice-cream parlours. 

NB: Logo's and brand colours were provided by Nestle, and they own all rights. Illustrations made to use for this project are my own. 
Promoter Apron
Promoter hat (paper)
Sample spoon
Sample hand-out stand (cardboard cut-out)
Ice cream Sample cub cap-sticker
Hand-out tray branding (for roaming promoters)
Hand-out tray strap
Give away- shopping list pad
Ice-cream sample cup sleeve