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    A USB Chainsaw design for BBH Singapore's "Papercut" social cause
A USB Chainsaw
Product Design for BBH Singapore
This was a project we did back in 2009(?) for BBH Singapore. This was for an awareness campaign about saving trees / paper called: 'paper cut'. The idea was to make something awesome online to be viral enough so, we came up with the idea of what if you can buy a USB chainsaw - and this is what we did.

I was in charge of designing the actual chainsaw which I thought was awesome. The original design I had for the chainsaw was a reversed-grip chainsaw with the materials as being slick and futuristic but it looked too far out so I redesigned it to look more like the traditional chainsaw but with a different 'shell' on the top.

In this project, I'm showing my original design and sketches - as well as the final product. You can learn more about this on BBH Labs.
Production Notes
Original Chainsaw Design Sketches and Final Chainsaw Design