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    Microcredit explained to secondary school students. Book published by Giunti Progetti Educativi (Firenze 2014).
Microcredit. Great solutions to uproot poverty
Chapter 1. Microcredit means Trust
"A human economy, that consider everyone's need of living with dignity: this is the idea behind Microcredit."
Chapter 2. Million of small things make a very big thing
Chapter 3. Grameen Bank, a new model of bank
Muhammad Yunus's project of financing small businesses started from Bangladesh
Chapter 4. Poverty is not mandatory
Chapter 5. So much Microfinance
Chapter 6. How humans work. A psychology of Microcredit
Chapter 7. Women and Microcredit
Chapter 8. Microcredit in practice
Chapter 9. Same planet, different worlds
Chapter 10. Microcredit and politics
Chapter 11. Microcredit, easier said than done...
"Microcredit has already influenced politics of nations and big international organizations, and it's still growing up all over the world."
Text by Francesco Fagnani
Editing by Morgana Clinto
Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi
Graphic design by Kirsten Einer Lillepuu
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