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    Adding value while reducing costs by leveraging technology to deliver the client's offering.
The Latin American Legal Forum on Leasing is a yearly event in Miami organized by the Alta Group, where equipment leasing experts gather to share the latest advances and knowledge in the industry.
The 2012 event proved to be massive in terms of content, resulting in a wasteful and cost-prohibitive production of supplemental materials for attendees, if they had been printed.
The solution presented to the client was to leverage technology in order to reduce costs while increasing value for attendees. While the cost of printing would cost hundreds of dollars per package, an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet would cost only $99 US. The client agreed to this proposal and all content was produced with a digital platform in mind, via an interactive PDF.
The client ended up paying less money, and the tablets– given to attendees as a complimentary gift– proved more enticing for people to actually browse the content.
The success of this strategy led to the firm implementing this practice the following year, with a sharp increase in attendance when compared to previous years.