See project online: Wish For A World
This is my first ever Angular JS project, and I built it while I was studying some basic concepts. I used all the standard AngularJS associates, such as MongoDB and Meteor. 
I also implemented a login system using Angular's OAuthentication technology. Incredibly easy to implement and I got a bit stuck when I wanted to pull data from social media into my DB. It was just a more complex process that I was willing to get into, so I put it to the side for the time being. Also, since Angular is relatively new, documentation was not always that easy to access.
All and all, the project resulted quite satisfactory. I was thrilled at the capacity of Angular JS, which somehow amended my relationship to JavaScript, and hey I for the first time employed a DB system that wasn't SQL. So at least two birds in one shot. 
Also, this project is open to evolution. I plan on really incrementing the amount of input from users and create a good data visualization interface as I go along.