The Shaggies

Looking at the finished product, the words seems to disappear and reappear depending of the angle of vision.
 I wanted to create that subtle read to reflect the process of a design award judging. A trained eye can see things differently , and if  judges look at the competition entries the right way , they might discover that hidden quality that deserve a gold award.

About the competition:
IDSA northwest aka The shaggies design award crew asked me to design the gold award trophies.The  NWDI ( the Northwest Design Invitational) competition has evolved and is now called The Shaggies, which celebrate a more down to earth vision of a design award competition ,a competition that reflect the future of design with a touch of what’s in our bones: a soft, fuzzy, curious nature that’s wrapped in a smart, hard-working, exacting layer of high-standards.

about my process;
the bronze and silver awards were going  to be letterpress (paper) , the best of the show was going to be a 3d chainsaw  sculpture (wood) .so my goal for the gold award was to find the missing piece between those two I started to explore the 2d/3d relationship and created that 3d wood piece that seem to be made out of 2d layers,all those layers representing the steps to create the final product .I wanted for the trophy to be a mix between the natural beauty of the wood ( raw materials) and the precision of a modern technology (Laser engraving) creating a subtle yet strong read of the words"shaggies gold"