ScyCemeteryScraper, architectural competition
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    2011 Skyscraper Competition - eVolo
2011 Skyscraper Competition - eVolo 
design team:S. Đorđević, Zeljko Petkovic, Ana Cogoljevic


_During the last few decades, Serbia together with its populace is faced with high mortality when compared to the notion of birth rate. Statistics show that an average city (100 000 citizens) disappears due to the outstanding mortality rate. Acreages of burial ground have reached enormous scales. 

_Availability problems

Members of the procession frequently have to have a miles walk before reaching their destination, which represents a huge problem for elderly people or people with disabilities. In addition numerous problems stem from bad weather conditions.

_Problems of social attitudes towards cemeteries

The cemeteries in Serbia stand for the places which people are not very eager to talk about and places they are afraid of. They have become the embodiment of repulsiveness, dread, and refutation.  Due to the impossibility to organize such a vast surface, cemeteries often become hubs of séances of numerous sects and religious groups, places where drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals meet as well. This fact shows that citizens’ safety is endangered.

Our suggestion is to reduce horizontal cemetery surface, which subtracts precious constructing space, into a point by which the vertical extension is enabled. In this way the city will gain additional free constructing space. This would lead to the integration of the cemetery into both social and physical unity with the city with completely altered perception, esthetics and the affects it had had hitherto on the city and its populace.

The main idea of the concept is that the architecture of the building offers an answer which will alter present insight of cemeteries, which will also integrate with the city in an innovative and a functional way.