Collection of my Honors.
yourmachinima is a small CGI company founded and maintained by spyvspyaeon AKA André L.

Redesigned of on-air imaging of the alternative machinima director. I am a gamer lover, so as a lot of my followers. There is tons of new video games excellently crafted. When the story is right, the characters are deeply engaging, and then care about physical and emotional, their Struggles, can be an amazing experience not only to do it so as to watch it. A strong game with has a rich history applied to the people, places, and events is like a short movie/film, so the game play any role within virtual worlds, where you personally get to peel back the layers of story at your own pace. Machinima done right, provide an experience you don’t forget easily, same happens with independent machinima productions. Machinima - animated films created by using a number of different game or virtual world engines - is Rapidly emerging as a surprisingly effective new tool for indoor marketers, amateurs, artists, developers etc etc.

This is the brief of my latests project (2011/2012) that I am currently in development. Let me say, hum,  something very different from my previous works!....

* Invited to The FILE Electronic Language International Festival 2011 exhibition
* Invited to the FILE RIO 2012- Galeriade Arte do Centro Cultural Oi Futuro – Flamengo
* Included on the Italian Film Festival 2011 (italy) aresfestival
* Invited to Gamerz 2010 Festival - By We Make money Not Art
* Mention on metaverseTV - The stream scene
* Featured in top best Machinima - Machinima of the Week
* Featured in "Best Music Video" on "the best internet video" video of the month

ClockWork - Secondlife -
* Included on Electronic Language International Festival 2011 exhibition (São Paulo - Brazil)
* Invited to the FILE RIO 2012- Galeriade Arte do Centro Cultural Oi Futuro – Flamengo
* 2nd place on Bitfilm Festival 2011 category Machinima - Watch it here.
* Selected best Internet video of week - Internet Video Mag

Qubit - Cognitive Distortion -
* Selected to screen at MachinExpo 2011
* 4th Place at the UWA IV
(University of Western Australia fourth edition of the "the art of the Artists")
* Featured on - Watch it here.
* 3rd place on Open This End Award of excellence in Film Direction

Sound of Colors - Metabody experience -
* Build for "All My Independent Women"
AMIW@VBKÖ Vienna - Watch it here.
* Featured on official website

Sounds Gravis Beach - A distinguished House Music Club - Second Life -
* Request promo video from one of the best places on Second life SGB. - Watch it here.

Collection of my Honors.

Collection of my Honors.

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