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    LED pendant installation.
River Place Two - NYC
LED pendants in a modular ceiling panel system
Material:             Cast Glass, CNC Turned Brass,Aluminium, Various

Customer:         iLucida LLC, OneLuxStudio LLC

Design:             Dean Phillips PTY LTD

Manufacture:    Dean Phillips/Darkon  PTY LTD

Conceived as a feature lighting installation for a high end apartment complex known as ‘Riverplace’, Dean Phillips PTY LTD was commissioned to design and manufacture a system of LED lit cast glass pendants to be suspended from the entire ceiling of the entrance lobby.

A significant aspect of the design was the requirement of UL/ETL certification meaning design was in accordance with relevant American UL standards. All electrical componentry used for the installation needed to be UL certified and all materials needed to be traced to the original manufacturer.  

The design consisted of modular surface-mounted panel system which was manufactured in Australia then shipped to New York.  The modular nature of the panel system meant minimisation of different panel types to simplify installation and reduce manufacturing costs.
The project required communication with architects and contractors in New York so the panel system would fit the space as closely as possible.  Supervision of installation was also required to ensure the installation could be performed as efficiently as possible.