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    ETRS is a VB 6.0 Application that provides admin software to manage and travel entities and bookings
Technologies Used: 
Microsoft Visual Basic 6
Microsoft Access
Open Database Connectivity
Source Code:
The aim and objective of the project “Express Travel Reservation System“, is Administration and Reservation. This project mainly deals in maintaining customer relationships, Providing Reservations for the Customers, Engaging Tours, Vehicle Expenses, and Generating Reports about the Total Expenses. The ETRS being developed will not aim to totally automate the whole system, but with the aim to automate as it progresses in its development.
The Customer or the Passengers has to register first to place Reservation. Then he may contact our agent to make a reservation. Customers can choose wide range of tours under a package. Coming to Administrator, He can Manage Vehicles list, Guides list, packages list, View a Vehicles History, Monthly Running of Vehicles, Income in according to Package, Vehicle, Monthly and Daily.
Agent is a person who sits at the counter of our office and makes a reservation for the customers after accepting the amount and prints receipts. This volume presents the manner in which the software was developed and how the various problems are tackled at the different levels to convince the user. We hope that this package would prove to be an excellent environment to make Reservation and Management simpler for Administrator.
Login Screen
Home Screen with all controlls to manage Vehicles, Customers, Guides, Packages, View Reports and Make Bookings
Form to create a new tour
CRUD Form for Customers
CRUD Form for Guides
Form for viewing reports on Vehicle enagement, Monthly income, Daily Income, and Package Incomes
CRUD Form and some reports for Vehicle
Form to take bookins for a particular tour
CRUD Form for Packages
Entities and their relationship as created in Microsoft Access based Database
About dialog box