Chitra Artisan Chocolates: Logo & Packaging
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    Logo, business cards, and packaging made for a fictional chocolate shop, called Chitra Artisan Confectioner
CHITRA artisan confectioner
Logo, business card, and packaging
For the first stage of this assignment, we did thorough research on the anatomy and behavior of animals to create a set of stylized symbol. Then we chose one animal and further developed it into a logo, business card, and some form of application of the logo.

The animal I chose was the chital deer. The name Chital comes from the Bengali word Chitral/Chitra, which means "spotted". Chitra is also a Sanskrit adjective meaning "excellent, distinguished; bright, bright-coloured". My goal was to reflect these words in my designs.

Chitra specializes in hand crafted, fair trade chocolates using only organic and unique ingredients.

The business cards feature a pattern used on the packaging of the chocolates. The personal information goes on the sticker which wraps around to the back, where you can find the general shop information. The sides of the card are painted with colors that match the pattern.

For the application, I chose to design the packaging for a chocolate gift box. The box is made to look like a book box, with the title "A Collection of Curious Chocolates". Each chocolate bar is wrapped in patterned paper which includes a spine to carry on my concept of books.