The Lazarus Effect | VFX Builds and Behind the Scenes
Creative Direction, Design, 3D Model/Texture/Render, Tracking, Roto/Paint, Composite
The biggest build of the film required a burning Zoe (Olivia Wilde) to float down a hallway of fire. By far one of the most challenging scenes, it involved adding CG fire to the walls of the hallway as well as adding burning and flaking skin peeling away from Zoe's face.
The execution required required us to create a 3D digital double of Olivia that was used as an emission and collision element for smoke, ember, and skin particles.
One shot in the hallway scene where we see Zoe (Olivia Wilde) floating with her feet barely off the ground unfortunately didn't make it into the theatrical release, but here's how we did it anyway!
We decided it would be more cost and time efficient to create this shot in CG, so we scanned Olivia's feet on set in full makeup with our 3D scanner. We then imported these scans into C4D, retextured and animated them to move realistically, and composited them over a plate that was shot on set. We then added glowing ember particles, flaking skin, and shadows to finalize the shot.