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    JUSTA corporate identity is an example of experimental approach in branding when logo is not a leader.

Flexibility Within The Law

JUSTA legal group launched its business under the circumstances of fierce competition, unstable situation in Ukraine and target audience’s total distrust of the judicial system. After the revolution 2014, a lot of cases call for exceptional flexibility. The principal message is communicated by the slogan Flexibility Within The Law. No advertising activity was planned. 

Design idea

Legal business is closely connected to a document flow. The main communication carriers are letterheads, business cards, envelopes, folders, etc. The identity is based on live paper folds and there is no logotype like a base. Multidirectional folds create unique decorative patterns on the printed stationery and literally or physically show "flexibility" that is communicated in the slogan.

Innovative structures

Folders and envelopes have their unique and innovative structures. Folder consists of two departments and allows to keep enough of paper documents to satisfy any lawyer. Experimental shapes help to support strong identity of the company and attract people's attention as well as reduce wasting of paper during printing process.

Folding lines vs logo

Any printed materials like leaflets, postcards, flyers, etc., that are decorated with folding lines became a part of identity. People can miss the logo but they ever can't miss the few of unexpected creases. 
Flexibility Within The Law.