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    ZERO SAIL - zero emission sailing catamaran Thor Unbescheid Julius Graupner
ZERO SAIL - zero emission sailing catamaran

ZERO SAIL is a 60 ft (ca. 18 m) long sailing catamaran, which is a sustainable and effective alternative to commen catamarans of this class.

Since there are a lot of blue sky ´ecoyacht´ concepts out there, we tried to come up with a rather realistic or ´doable´ concept.
We want to show that the term ´yacht´doesn‘t always have to go with negative afflicted terms like ´decadance´, ´lavishness´ and disproportional ´luxury´. Most of the common sailing catamarans of this size are built out of barely ecological, not recyclable materials like carbonfiber, glasfiber and epoxy. ZERO SAIL is made out of a aluminium space frame covered with high-tensile polycarbonate, in a similar manner cars are built. Both materials are 100 % recyclable.

Since every sailing yacht has additional engines and a lot of power consuming devices, the catamaran is equipped with an electric motor, batteries and a fuel cell. The batteries are either charged by the fuel cell or by a shaft generator, meaning that the electric power is induced through the electric motor while driving under the wing sail. We knowingly do without solar cells, because they never could bring the energy needed.
With the wing sail, windpower is converted into driving force more efficiently than conventional sails, and adds a sporty and high tech appearance to the catamaran.

Although its exclusive, sporty and high-tech appearance, ZERO SAIL isn‘t meant to be one of those highly exclusive sailing yachts for the richest 2 %. ZERO SAIL is a charter catamaran for up to 10 persons, and available for everybody. It is designed to be completely autarkic for 2-3 weeks on the sea, without any emissions.

ZERO SAIL wants to provide a unique sail feeling, giving people the opportunity to sail a sporty, high-tech and performant sailing catamaran, which is at the same time more sustainable than most of the comparable big sailing catamarans.
It shows that „Eco“ doesn‘t always have to mean abdication or „less“, especially in the maritime industry. In fact „Eco“ can be a big additional benefit. 

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