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    Opening titles sequence for The Lazarus Effect. Responsible for concept, production, art direction, editorial, and design.
Creative Direction, Production, Design, Composite
We had the oppertunity to work alongside director David Gelb to cultivate a look and feel that would introduce audiences to the sci-fi/horror nature of the film by organically mixing the two genres.
We stockpiled a collection of materials that would be at home in both worlds, including ferrofluid, steel wool, magnets, blow torches, heat guns, and various types of meat to simulate what could be construed as a mad scientist's dream experiment.
Filming and Behind the Scenes
We were tasked with creating an opening titles sequence that would use extreme closeups of medical and science experiments that would help introduce audiences to the medical/horror feel of the film. We made a makeshift lab at our office using a stainless steel table and a white sheet to create a diffused lighting setup. This made for excellent lighting without worrying about dressing background elments or textures.