Super Sliding Puzzle Adventure
iPhone Game Design
I was approached in November 2010 by an indie game developer called Broken Bunny Studios. They'd seen some of my illustrations online and wanted me to produce 45 illustrations for their new iPhone game, a sliding puzzle game with a story based narrative. Nearly a year on and the game is now available on the iTunes app store in both a free lite version and a paid for hd version for both iPhone and iPad.

Here is a selection of the concept scene and character sketches, finished artwork, logo and icon designs.

Please check out Broken Bunny and support the indie scene, and please rate the game if you like it.
The bunny character
The lion tamer.
Character sketches.
The portrait only view was important as Broken Bunny wanted the user to be able to play with only 1 hand.
For some reason a lot of the characters ended up with moustaches.
The story was man vs critters.
The concept sketches were normally scanned and rough colour treatments were applied to get the general feel of the scene.
Icon development. We ended up going with the last icon (bottom right).
Logo - We wanted something different and because they're a British studio we decided on the bearskin hat idea (the hats you see the Queens guards wearing outside Buckingham palace).