Pinoramic 120 V2 - lensless panoramic camera
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    A limited edition production of handmade cameras
Pinoramic 120 Series 2
A 120 degree, medium format pinhole camera.
The Pinoramic 120 Series 2 is a camera I produced for sale in 2005 and 2006. It was a personal challenge to build a camera made entirely of laminated veneers - effectively a plywood camera. Both flat and curved surfaces are made from 5 layers of cross-banded veneer assembled with either vacuum bag, strap press or inflatable bladder press. All hardware (except for common screws) was made in house. A pneumatic shutter is actuated by a handheld rubber bulb.

The Tilt-Load mechanism makes it easy to film in and out of this very compact design. 
Features of the Pinoramic 120 Series 2 cameras
Back in popped open position. The center latch opens and closes the camera.
The Duomo in Milan, Italy shot with a Pinoramic 120 Series 2