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    Portofolio of Pescador Custom Golf Shoes.
Take advantage
The way to differentiate from competitors.
A real added value is something truly new. Something that no one, can't stop looking at. Something that place your brand one step beyond.
The newest promotional item for the next few years.

Be the first.
From just one pair

Forget the big amounts. Now everyone can have custom shoes.
Genuine leather.

And many other upper possibilities: Sheep, aligator, sneak, shark, salmon, Thay Tilapia, stingray, kangaroo and others.
From 50 €.

Now you can get your own brand.
Make them see you.

Nothing so new and visible to promote your company in the golf industry.
Carbon fiber outsole.

Longitudinal flexibility, transverse stability.
Fully waterproof.

Leather treatment, linning membrane, sealed midsole, impenetrable sole.
High performance sole.

Less then 100 gr. per sole.
Estremely light.

Less then 350 gr.
Low centre of gravity.

17 milimeters from ground to feet.
Doble crowns of cleats.

First crown of hard spikes to generate traction.
Second crown of highest spikes for improved stability
Fully customized.

Do not settle with embroidered logo. Give your brand a chance.
Loyalty your players.

Give them reason to be proud of your club.
Contain your stocks.

If the design is yours, you decide when to change it.
Dress your staff.

Only the best can do this. Are you?
Pamper your VIP's

An unforgettable gift.
Increase your profit.

The brand is being sold is yours.
Show your sponsors.

A great way to acknowledge the contributions.
Increase the yield.

What better souvenir? In addition, you can not buy in any other club.
Any kind of design.

Be brave. It is attention.
Expand your catalog.

Diversification, diversification, diversification.
Just send your logos.

We'll do the rest.
Do you want to know more?