The project:

A combined mixed use business park, flood alleviation scheme and 'industrial nature' riverside park on brownfield land around two former cooling towers in Sheffield.

Site analysis

Site analysis - detail

Design strategy
Design masterplan
Aerial view showing proposed reed lagoon and canal around cooling towers

The water bodies detain and purify surface water run-off from the sitevia reed beds and other vegetation, preventing flooding on developedland.
View from  eastern  end of site showing river Don and proposed canal aligned on the cooling towers
SUDS (sustainable urban drainage) plan showing water flow through a system of channels, water bodies, wetland and flood basins.

These are designed to receive, purify and detain surface run-off and river floods, preventing flooding on the developed land, which is raised above the flood plain by spoil used to excavate the lagoon and central canal.

The park's commercial units provide an economic rationale for the project, which involves the creative management of the its postindustrial flora and fauna to maximise wildlife habitat opportunities

A network of pedestrian and cycle paths opens up the riverside landscape for recreational use by local communities, currently cut off from it by roads and railways.