TYPOGRAPHY V1 - The Mancunian Alphabet continues on...
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    A Mancunian Alphabet - Defined by images of Urban Typography.
Update 07/01/13
I have now added below the Film/Video version of the images in motion. This sequence was put together as a supportive background visual for my Presentation for the 'Creative Hive Live, Event Presentation at the BBC Salford Quays on the 25/05/12 - The Mancunian Urban Typography project, this is the rough cut version created in Keynote...
This project originally started life as a 'one off visual exercise' which was delivered to students about 4 years ago. The purpose being for students to undertake a 'series of visual experiments of observations within a specific area of City Centre Manchester over a 2 hour period. From this they then had to produce a visual montage of the items they photographed, this project also had to have in-depth development to show a timeline of where and when, and the stages of photoshop development.
For my example I created a 'Mancunian Alphabet' shown as the project image. The project has now been in existence for over 4 years, and different versions of this project have been developed and currently I'm developing a Film/Video version of the images in motion...
This video clip from my Vimeo Page, shows the Presentation Delivery at the Creative Hive Live Event. The running time with a Q&A at the end was nearly 15 mins in length...
The following selection of images, are the individual characters of the Mancunian Urban Alphabet. Taken over a three year period and then routinely updated to keep the project current. A smaller Salford project was undertaken, and these images will be added to my profile later. This element was shown in this presentation to show development, and now that I'm based in CHCH NZ, I have started a new CHCH Urban Type Project, which is timely given the events of the last 2 years, where the city has undergone significant change due to 2 Major Earthquakes.