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    reverse graffiti

Typographic Interventions in Urban Spacewillem rabe & gesafriederikehttp://vimeo.com/31582985

Cooperation Project between Köln International School of Design and Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

Within the Project Die Seele der Dinge in Budapest {The Soul of things in Budapest} we dealt with the topic of monuments. In a memorial metropolis like Budapest, you find many places, which remind of glorious days and personalities, furthermore bringing the past into the present. Through this grandiose appearance of art, architecture and monuments, Budapest connotes a feeling of nostalgic desire and providential stagnation.

We tried to transfer this picture of proper monuments, by finding non-intentional monuments at abandoned places in the town, declaring these as monuments and to move it into the public eye.

reverse graffiti//bricks//typography

willem rabe & gesafriederike

The set of the typographic word Müemlék is derived from the typography of many monuments which you can find within the city of Budapest.
http://www.rabe.li // http://cargocollective.com/gesafriederike