Synaesthethic wayfinding project for the tube station of Affori, Milan.

“The eye follows the paths that work were willing to”
Paul Klee
The project "Synaestethic Way" is aimed to accompany users inside the station Affori, informing about the arrival of trains, in the direction San Donato and Comasina, and one of the rules within the structure (not to cross the yellow line ).
The main objective, therefore, is to make visible some information in parts of the stationare where they are missing (as in the upper part, the arrival of the train) or to improve the visibility, where the information is already present (in the case of the yellow line).
Projections will be projected on the walls above the stairs of the subway in both directions,at different points. The lines, movements, colors and music can be divided into two categories.

A relaxed mood, created by the slow musical compositionand the waves calm  movements and colors (shades of blue and green tones) invites you to not to hurry to catch the train, you can relax and interact with the projection, moving waves with moving arms.
A turbulent mood, indicating that the train is coming and then to hurry. At this stage the projections will be accompanied by a dynamic musical composition and will show geometric squareshapes that with their rapid and rigid movements invite the user to hurry up.
We designed also two other kinds of projections. One is to alert the user when he's going over the yellow line, and the other one is not a proper projection, but is simply the illumination of the yellow line in proximity of the train arrival to alert users that cannot hear properly.
Echoing the same concepts, we developed an application for mobile devices: it requires both an Internet connection and GPS, as should be able to alert the user at anytime and in any place about arrival of trains . The application screen is divided into two zones, Comasina and San Donato. Within both zones we can find the two countdowns on arrival of trains, and the animation indicating the situations of calm or hurry. The user can select the preferred route, and shut down the sound, if it is not desired. 
At 45 seconds to the train arrival the application will show the hurry up animation in the related direction box, and also activate the mobile vibration if it's turned on.
We also prepared a video that explains the functioning of projections and mobile app, thought to be shown through LCDs put in some points of the station. 
  Position of projections and Tv videos in the station
              Promo and simulation