Scentism – burning is beliving
By Kataring Nyman.
Her collections embrace bodies and souls with the same devotion. It’s soft to the skin, but thrilling to the bone. Perhaps it’s the combination of exquisite materials and easy to wear designs. Perhaps it’s the personal little details and funky attitude. Perhaps… it’s just as it should be!

The latest contribution is a toiletry line. The toiletry is a set of four luxurious products: soap, lotion, a scented candle and a body- and massage oil. The line embrace the conviction that life is a little bit sweeter when your skin is soft and the air around you is amazingly fragrant.

Katarina Nyman has in collaboration with Planeta Design developed four new religions in a perfect package: Soapism, Scentism, Skinism and Oilism.

Scentism is the strong conviction that thoughts, feelings, longingand experience is best communicated through the nose. Scentists slide inand out of soft scenarios. When they light a scented candle they also love the smell of the freshly burnt match they lit it with.

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