Black Swan

To complement the vision of auteur Darren Aronofsky's mesmerizing psycho-sexual thriller Black Swan, Fox Searchlight gave us the green light to create two distinct web destinations, straight from the troubled psyche of Natalie Portman's Academy Award™ Winning turn as Swan Queen Nina Sayers. The result was a website and viral feature that induces mild psychosis while seeding all the juicy tidbits you'd want to see on the Internet both before, and after, seeing one of the year's most masterfully executed directorial dances.

The duality of our Little Princess Nina Sayers truly is at the heart of both the film, and our work. For the theatrical site, we harness video clips, haunting imagery, and elegant theatre-like transitions in a dark dance that transports film information into the viewer's mind with technical grace, while subliminally sowing the seeds of psychosis. The White Swan, if you will.

Then we let our Black Swan soar, delivering a tantalizing viral feature comprised of schizophrenically stacked video clips that mirror the film's deliciously duplicitous mantra. Social networking features encourage users to post to Facebook, Tweet their fingernails off, and count down with their friends to opening night.