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    You can chat away about things but the essential thing about pictures is… pictures. So you should look at them and draw your own conclusions. I d… Read More
    You can chat away about things but the essential thing about pictures is… pictures. So you should look at them and draw your own conclusions. I don’t really see much point in talking about pictures. The old chinese proverb about a picture being worth a thousand words… People are insecure about pictures. That’s why they need to have explanations, sometimes. But people who are visually apt don’t have to have explanations, they just react to them and that should really be sufficient. - Elliott Erwitt Read Less
HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine was developed as part of my final major project for my Bachelor Degree in Communication Design. But as the semester passed me by, it has become much more than just a school project. 
With the following images I am trying to show a small part of the project's concept, CI and the product itself. To see more of the actual publication please view the other two projects in my portfolio labeld with "HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine" or visit www.holdthatthought-mag.tumblr.com
All images and texts used are © Stefanie Thiele and were created within the past 6 months whilst working on the project.
ART IS COMMUNICATION. ART IS MEETING PEOPLE. ART IS HATING AND LOVING. All of this needs space. It needs a 3D environment where it can cast shadows and reflect light, where it can get praise and accumulate hatred. With HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine we have created a space to showcase individual pieces of art as well as collaborations. A publication that leaves the readers thinking about what they saw and makes them form their own opinion, in hope it will inspire and start real debates without the influential environment of the internet. Furthermore, it was my aim to give young talents the chance to show the world their portfolio without thirsting for likes and reblogs. We are taking art out of the internet back into print. We are giving it the space and the respect it deserves. We are building a network of creatives to help young talents pursue a career in the art world. We make your art come alive.
As part of the project I have created: a concept including name, logo, layout, financing (ideas), pos, advertising, merchandise, website, events as well as all artworks and texts featured in the publication.
With the amazing help of newspaperclub.com I was able to print my broadsheet newspapers. There are 4 papers with 10 copies each.
Four versions of the logo for use in print, web and merchandise. A stamp to turn every piece of paper into a notepad to never lose another idea.
The name can be interpreted in several ways. It can be taken literally. 
Holding thoughts – being more selective about what we share and what we keep private. Choosing which plans we turn into physical work and which will remain as flickers of ideas in our sketchbooks or don’t even make it out of our heads onto a piece of paper at all.
We want to stay open for new ideas. We want to embrace opinions that differ from our own and take on/give out advice and constructive criticism – or in one word: care.
The name reflects the project’s mental and physical contents. We are about diversity, having opinions of our own and standing up for what we believe in. We are creators. We don’t sit around waiting for things to happen – we make them, rephrase them, paint on top, scratch of until we create something original that will have some sort of effect on our audience, something that will make them think.
All 4 papers created for the project (cover 2+3 and 5+6 are flip covers)
The medium has been chosen for its size and paper quality. It is lightweight, can be folded and easily carried along wherever you are heading. We wanted to create a publication that will be used, written onto, cut up for your sketchbook, forgotten on the bus and shared with creatives around you. Images are printed in large scale. The quality of the newspaper transports the project’s philosophy and makes the artworks interact; firstly because you can rearrange the pages and secondly because of the paper’s slight transparency.
First and second issue of HOLD THAT THOUGHT Magazine.
Issue 1: Body as mind - Deja vu, repetition, sense of time
Issue 2: Body as mind - Self-censorship, aspirations, privacy
The magazine is (would be) published quarterly with the topic changing after every second issue. Topics are chosen deliberately for their broad possibility of interpretation to ensure that a vast variety of artworks and views on the topic can be represented within the magazine as well as reaching a vide audience.
Issue 1 with thank you note and business card recieved via subscription
The magazine consists of two parts. Part one features a variety of artworks from different upcoming artists, curated by the HOLD THAT THOUGHT Team and its partners (including everything from painting and sculpture to photography, animation and short stories). The second part takes a closer look at two artists chosen by the readers. On 8 douple pages they are able to showcase their work as well as facing the challenge to create a body of work by collaborating without having met the other artist before. 
Business cards changing with every issue, featuring artworks of participating artists to promote their work.
Our merchandise. Notebook and mug printed with photobox.co.uk