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coil packaging line designing for USA
Our rewards:

1. We have the groundbreaking fully computerized output coil packaging line of custard pie in China. It has the characteristics of large output and lower labour consumption.
two. Advanced PLC program, Human-Device Conversation and touch panel procedure.
3. Our products consist of Depositor and Cream Injector, equally equipment with self-cleansing functionality devoid of necessity of disassembling, hence they would help save your labour.
4. The Oil Injector program helps make use of extensive-angle procedure of significant precision from Japan. They would help save the usage of oil and labour.
five. The automated sensing system will push the wrapping machine equipment into dormancy when the trays stop doing work, which is environmental and strength-saving.
six. All the components of the digital units are with planet renowned models. They are with high balance, trusted high quality and would help you save the upkeep value.
7. The tray framework makes use of the layout of clips, which makes it endurable and stretches its longevity.
eight. The oil coating on the tray utilizes significant-tech and professional coating materials for cakes in order to steer clear of residuals sticking on the tray and the difficulties of cleaning, thus save your labour.


Fuel & Force
All-natural Gas, Oil-Fuel, 180-240Pa
Gasoline Intake
10 m3 /hr
Chain Velocity
-2M/min. (Inverter regulate)
Oven Max. Temperatures
Dimension of Oven
a hundred and fifty-450kg/hr
Top of Oven
Duration of Conveyer (centre)
30000mm*3250 mm (2-finishes)
Mould-Plate Dimensions

leading coil packaging line company specializing in the exploration, generation and distribution of all sorts of cakes equipment. Basing on our expertise and sophisticated technology released from house and abroad, we have succeeded in producing series packaging machine of goods with novel models and tasteful buildings, these kinds of as totally automated cakes generation line, semi-automatic cakes creation line, and single cakes devices which are great gear for easy, well known and mass output. Our products have received favorable response from clients and appreciated well-known product sales in domestic market place, as well as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and The united states.
coil packaging line designing for USA

coil packaging line designing for USA

It is coil packaging line working for steel industry from

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