In 2005 Indesit Company from Italy announced a competition for young and creative students from Croatia. The goal was to boost the awarness of deadly active mines that still lay intact across certain areas in Croatia, thus the issue regarding their demining. I designed a booklet that focuses on children, the most endangered potential victims. It was titled "SOS Razminirajmo djeci Hrvatsku" ("SOS Demine Croatia for the sake of Children") The booklet won the first prize and it was published in Italy, by Indesit, as part of the company's public relations project.
"Land mine is an explosive device used in war in order to prevent enemy soldier infiltration. Children are not soldiers of war, yet they become horribly injured or disabled for a lifetime. 25000 people got injured by stepping on an active land mine. 4000 square meters of Croatian territory is either mined or assumed to be mined. More than 1400 land mine associated incidents were recorded in which 2000 involved adults and children."
"Children are our most precious. They are the joy of fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers.
They are our only hope for a better tomorrow."
"In school, children learn about life and people. We must make sure they don't learn that the world is a cruel place to be."
"Play is a part of every child's life. A child expresses itself through play. A child deprived of play is unhappy and lonely."
"Life is making them change their view of the world."
"And some of them are forced to live with those changes for the rest of their lives."
"Facing them even in their most tranquil moments."