PROJECT: Wedding Invite
A wedding invite design project based on a couple's story
For our Digital Design Procedures class, we were asked to pick a couple, fictional or non-fictional, so long as they have a story. From there on, we were tasked to design a wedding invite, complete with the details, the map and other stuff.

I chose to go with the classic Titanic couple, Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. I remember watching the film when I was little with my mom and I couldn't help but cry about how their story ended. Until now, it still makes me teary-eyed. 

I knew when I chose them for this project that I had to watch the film again, just so I could get ideas about their story, from how they met to how they grew closer together. Though we need not stick to the real details about our make-up wedding, I decided to keep the details as close and accurate as how I wanted them to have a happy ending, before the Titanic sinks.

This is the envelope I made for the wedding invite for Jack and Rose. I decided to design the cover with an anchor to symbolize the wedding taking place at sea.
The inside of the envelope with corner slots for the contents of the invite.
These pieces are the contents of the invite. The bridal registry card and 
the boarding pass for the RSVP are included here as well.
These are the wedding invites with the details of the wedding.
These are the details of the Bridal Entourage. I wanted to incorporate icons that are associated with Rose's and Jack's lives like the tea set, and ribbons for Rose and the poker cards, 
and the stopwatch for Jack.