Definition of Relationships: The way in which two or more things are connected with / involve each other.
Statement of Intent
Light. Darkness. Opposites. Right? They both differ dramatically, yet they are almost always present together. For example, where there is light, there is shade. In contrast, their relationship they share is wildly unique. The product of this is difficult to express using words alone. Therefore, the idea behind my project is to explore this relationship, and allow the viewers to catch a glimpse of the explanation behind it, and possibly learn to apply it to their own relationships, with themselves and others.
Some themes I plan to dive into are how light and darkness affect us as a result of their own conflict. My opinion on this subject matter is that we rarely pay little attention, if any towards the relationship of others. Therefore, we are extremely unlikely to witness such passionate conflict. In this relationship between light and darkness, they can both strengthen and destroy each other.
I intend to gather inspiration from other artists to help me learn from what they discovered about this relationship. And by developing my variety of ideas to express this relationship in diverse ways. Initially, I plan to photograph the aftermath of conflict between light and darkness and using these photos, I may manipulate or exaggerate them using different techniques in the styles of the artists.
I hope to communicate with the viewer that the relationships between things can have a great impact on others, and not just themselves. 
I created this title from scratch using a close-up shot of a cracked floor to symbalise how broken and unstable relationships can be. I used Cinema 4D to create the words individually. Using my own custom proffesional lighting alongside the initial image and adding my own textures to the words using Adobe Photoshop to produce the final image.
Inspiration for project direction:
Light has authority over darkness; darkness can never overcome light. The smallest amount of light can render darkness defeated. However, a stronger light produces a stronger shadow.
Tough love. Light disciplines darkness, yet cares for it. But darkness hates light. As darkness has no chance of weakening light, darkness takes its anger out as us, humans. For example, crime. A shockingly high percentage of crimes are committed at night, when light is absent. Darkness welcomes criminals and brings fear upon the innocent. But light discovers this and provides protection and safety to us in times of need.
The direction of light can significantly change the appearance of something or somewhere.
When i saw a range of cinematography, they engulfed my inspiration and fascination. I instantly wanted to go out and produce pieces in the similar style.The way that the photos take advantage of the light apparent in the landscape intrigues me. I love how one source of light can be tamed to effect the whole image and give it a really warm, welcoming and happy atmosphere. The images on the left are examples from the film "Her". Director Spike Jonze & Cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema. The photos seperated on the right are the 2 still captures from a short film i produced. For example, with the still shot on the bottom. I recorded whilst slowly moving the camera lens through a trail of chandolier lights and slightly adjusting the focus. I used a similar process for my other still image as i filmed a shot in the midst of a sunset.
I really enjoyed this process, and i am extremely pleased with the outcome of my sampling. I plan to use this technique later in my project. 
Thierry Cohen
Since 2010, from megacities to deserts, he has mainly worked to achieve: "Darkened Cities", giving back stars to cities for the viewer and raising public awareness to the problem of light pollution. This collection was produced using Thierry Cohen's digital techniques. I chose this series to explain that over time, we have overused the artificial light we made to such an extent that we mask the natural light provided by the stars. These photograph manipulations are a perfect example that light can also destroy other light. Which is a conflict between natural and artifical light.  Alternatively, these photos could also be interpreted to show that we may not need artifical light as much as we really think. This is because in all of these photos, you can see that the natural light illuminates the environment so much; even at night to the point where we do not need any extra and unecessary light. But we just think we need it as we have all grown up with an excess of light. And maybe, if we do not make a change, our future generations may not ever be able to see the stars we take for granted today.
These photos explore light invading, overpowering the darkness in different ways. I collected this series of photographs to visualise how one-sided this ongoing battle is against light and darkness. As some people are deeply afraid of entering the darkness, these photos may help them to find courage to find the light and feel safe.
Frank Van Es Artist Research
This artist captures rays of light breaking through the forest, providing light for the people in a selectin of these photographs. I really admire that this artist has included people in the photographs in the light. I think that it is very powerful and has a great meaning behind each piece. I am most certainly going to use this aspect of work in my project in the future by having people as the main subject for the piece. I think that this is what makes this collection so exhilerating. 
I took this Panorama during a hike over the 3 peaks in the Yorkshire Dales. Unfortunately, this shot does not do it justice. The sun rays at the time were bold, vibrant and powerful. I tried to achieve that in the shot and even tried to enhance it in Photoshop but I could not get the sun rays as bold as the artist did. Even thought my photo was taken in a different scence / location to his work, i felt i could have taken a better photograph if i had enough time. Maybe this is Nature's way of saying that you can't experience the beautiful light if you are lazy, you need to earn it and experience it yourseld; because it's such a rare and heart-stopping situation. I encorporated several hikers in the opposite side of the piece to the sunrays similar to how the artist did in his work. 
Artificially Abandoned
I took this photograph in the Oldham Bus Station late at night. I tried to visit when I thought there wouldn't be many people here; only to find out that this place is always attracting people in. Maybe because of how welcoming and safe the light is creating the environment to be? This proves that light makes us feel safe, secure and peaceful. This meant that I had to "artificially abandon" this scene digitally using Adobe Photoshop to help focus all the attention on the scene hosted by light to engage the viewer and strike a desire and mystery into their perspective. 
Artist: Fan Ho.
The Chinese photographer Fan Ho spent the 1950s and 60s taking gritty and darkly beautiful photos of street life in Hong Kong. I really appreciate the strong contrast between light and darkness. Also, the smoke in these images creates a sense of myseriousness and prolongs interest into the photographs. Forcing the viewer to make their own perceptions of the story behind the main characters in these photographs. I love how there is almost always one or more people subject to the piece similar to the other artist: Frank Van Es that i researched previously. Similarly, this leads to an epic distribution of a wide variety of stories that these people could tell about the situation they are in. 
This collection of photographs explores the natural conflict between light and darkness. These photographs show that a strong light casts a bold shadow where the light cannot engulf, leaving nothing but a silhoette, hiding the detail and colour of the object behind it. I was not the only person to really appreciate how this photoshoot turned out. The sunset looks almost fake. And yet, was nothing in comparison to experiencing the real thing. Now i understand why we love light to such an insane extent. I really enjoyed taking these photographs and I am very happy with the outcome. This collection of photographs has also contributed to my skills in positioning shadows, ready for later work in my project.
Long Exposure Photography Technique
This photography technique is the result of long exposure with the camera. This captures all of the light, both moving and stationary to produce an uncanny representation of a scene which we cannot see with the naked eye. They are easy on the eye.

These photographs interest me dramatically more than standard photos because I really enjoy the contrast from the headlights to the breaklights. I think the long encourages emotion and perception of the viewers. The long, uniform streaks lead behind the light indicates an ever-flowing, non-stop chaotic atmosphere. In contrast, this could also lead to a more tranquil and safe atmoshpere for the viewer,
I took these long exposure photographs with a tripod; after i experimented with different settings for the camera such as the aperture and ISO settings.
For the first photograph of the road junction, I found this location to be almost abandoned. And therefore had to wait a long time to wait for traffic to appear in the shot. I then took several photographs in the exact same position, capturing traffic travelling in one direction at a time. Using Adobe Photoshop, I then merged the best photographs together to make it appear as though it was a busy time for traffic and thus, producing this final image. Additionally, I removed several stong distractions in the photograph such as street lights on the higher road and road signs on the ground with the purpose of controlling the viewer's attention to the main subject of the traffic.
I captured these photos to help me understand the difference between daylight and darkness in the same location. After this photoshoot, I realised that the same place can be totally unrecognisable to someone if they are there at different times of day when the intensity of light is significantly different. Without the few street lights in these photos, If i shuffled the images around, you most certainly would not be able to match each location together. I interpreted this  to mean that darkness is deceiving. Darkness gives us the illusion that we have neer been where we are now. And when you are lost and don't know where you are, you start to feel frightened and vulnerable. Therefore, it has negative connotations, which lead to an insane demand for light to always be present.
Final Piece
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
My final piece is mainly centered and inspired from the artist: Fan Ho. Combined with aspects from the artists, techniques and styles that i have experimented with earlier in my project. I am very pleased with the outcome. Espcially because I have produced multiple diptychs which emphasises and broadens the understanding of the meaning behind this collection. I also believe that within each of the individual photo manipulations, there is a widely unique and deep story that different viewers will interpret in diverse ways.
For Image numbers 1 & 2, I explored the local city on foot and captured these photographs which I later manipulated and enhanced using Photoshop and the skills that I have used through the development of my project.
Unit 2: Relationships

Unit 2: Relationships

This is the online portfolio for my art project.