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Adidas ultimate ambition is to deliver connected, seamless & relevant consumer experiences across every touch point in the brand ecosystem  while keeping a ‘mobile first’ mindset. A mobile first mindset is approaching seasonal planning with mobile as its central focus when it comes to design, connectivity and support of our campaigns and brand experiences.

This brief is for the creation of the next iteration of adidas’ mobile web experience based on the strategic direction being: “The best guide to search and shop in the world of adidas.” 

Best guide
The always available guide for consumers when shopping adidas products with a focus on providing information quickly and efficiently and guiding people through their shopping experience and journey. 

Search & Shop
The go to place for consumers looking up adidas products, along their whole shopping journey and decision making process, providing a flexible and frictionless shopping experience for every shoppers mindset.

World of adidas
A place that inspires consumers, where they can feel the adidas brand at every point of the experience, where product information is contextualized with brand led activations, participation and content, building loyalty and exclusivity.

Best guide
Context aware refinement options
Pertaining to individual visitor, it will show contextual options.
Semantic search 
Show relevant results for a wide range of thematic searches.
Surfing the range 
Enable discovery of adjacent products, along appropriate dimensions for each user.
Lookbooks & Styleguides
Search & Shop
Brilliant basics 
This starts with doing the basics, brilliantly. Implementing best practice, and parity with desktop.
Contextual design
The same category should look different for distinct personas.
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