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    Portfolio of random photographs
Portfolio of Random photographsJoão F. Marques
Carmen Rouge
Model: Mariana Cirne @ Quinta Harém Photoshoot | Local: Bico - Murtosa - Portugal

The Haunted HouseLocal: Bunheiro (Murtosa)
The Clown and the beardy man!
Local: Oporto (Portugal)
Technology will make the human being atrophy all his limbs, except the trigger finger.Models: Joana Oliveira and João F. Marques | Local: Estaleiros Navais São Jacinto (Aveiro - Portugal)

Horses and Sunshines
Local: Bestida (Murtosa - Portugal)
Heart (Conceptual Photo)
Light experimentation
InnocenceLocal: Monte (Murtosa - Portugal)
Local: Viseu - Portugal
Curiosity shoot humans down, BANG BANG!
Model: Joana Oliveira | Local: Estaleiros Navais de São Jacinto - Aveiro - Portugal

Arbeit Macht FreiAuschwitz Extermination Camp - Poland
Liepaja Frozen Beach @ Latvia (Letónia)    -   (8pm / -20ºC )
Swedish ways of walking @ Stockholm - Sweden (Suécia 2010)
Thanks HEAVEN @ Stockholm - Sweden (2010)
Łódź Piotrkowska (The Biggest Commercial Street in Europe)  @ Poland 2010