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    Illustration using photomanipulation and CGI for advertisment industry.
This is a job I did for Souza Cruz, a tobacco company, while working at Seagulls Fly Studio. The art direction was done by Flavien Archer. It is an illustration of a wooden plaque depicting their special series of summer packs. The job was put together with photos, vector illustrations and 3D generated cigarette pack by my friend Gus Duval . Hope you enjoy :)
The first task was to build the background. Due to a proportion problem, I had to complete the photo of the wooden background.
This is the complete background. You still see some minor repetitions that will disappear on the final image.
This is the vector illustration that served as base for the final illustration.
This is the vector illustration with a basic treatment to look as if it was painted on the wooden base.
Now i've placed the text and some details such as the cracks on the paint.
As we approach the final result, I place the scan of paper and the 3D generated cigarette pack on the image.
After the final color tweaks, this is the final result. Hope you like it. All the best!