Every third year, on the second saturday of May, the traffic in Stockholm City is shut down in order to make way for Quarnevalen. This student carneval is a week long event culminating with thousands of student parading along the inner city, showing of humorous floats and other creations in front of half a million spectators. 
I was one out of sixteen people working full time arranging this event from November 2013 until June of 2014. My main responsibilty was acting as the general Art Director for the organization as well as editor-in-chief for the satire magazine Bruxanvisningen, published as a means to finance the event.
Below you can find a small selection of printed material I produced during this time.
Bruxanvisningen 2014 - satire magazine produced and published in connection to Quarnevalen, northern Europes biggest university student event. The magazine is consists of 84 pages and was printed in 50.000 copies.
In the two lower pictures: Swedens Prime Minister Stefan Lofven holding a Bruxanvisning that he had just bought. Also Bruxanvisningen brought to Machu Picchu, Peru, by a reader.
Festival cups - with a custom made Quarnevalen emblem specially designed to harmonize with the logotype of our long term sponsor, swedish brewery Pripps Blå. The festival cups were printed in 40 000 copies and used throughout the week-long event.
Beer tankards - throughout the week our taps stood open and every participating student received a beer tankard on arrival. Printed in 2000 copies. (Photo credit: Linnea Holm for Quarnevalen)
Public transport advertisement - visible on subways, shuttle trains and buses throughout Stockholm during the two weeks leading up to Quarnevalens main event.
"Kulturtavlor" - outdoor advertisement visible throughout Stockholm City during the week of Quarnevalen.