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    A submission for the Penguin design awards 09 - Creation of a book jacket for Donna Tartt's 'The Secret History'
Brief /// Design a fresh and bold new look for this cult classic in order to bring it to a new generation of readers.

Solution /// Working with illustrator Joe Ward,our submission for the penguin design awards 09. The typographicconcept was to describe the Greek influence within the book, using anancient Greek method of writing called boustrophedon meaning in Greek epigraphy ’as the ox turns’. Boustrophedondescribes the script on early Greek inscriptions in which lines of textrun alternately from left to right and reversed right to left, as theox pulls the plough in successive furrows.
The illustration of the snow hare is symbolic of the characterBunny, whose cracked glasses lie unearthed in the snow next to thehare, while a group searches for Bunny in the background. The frozenlocation was an important aspect within the story that is emphasisedthrough the black and white illustration and icicles on the barcode.