Subculture Identity: Lucha Libre
Exploring subculture through visual identities
Subculture is a group that composes of different people with the same interests. In this project I need to select any subculture topic of my choosing. My subculture topic is "Lucha Libre" a mexican professional wrestling sport that were characterise by its mask and style. This project explores how the subculture can be illustrated in forms of a graphical imagery and illustration.
Subculture Identity Pictogram

Lucha Libre pictogram describes and expresses the mexican freestyle wrestling them by its use of bright and active colours to engage the personality of the theme and the figure itself. Red signifies active color which gives the emphasis to the whole design.

Subculture Identity Photoimage
The second design expresses the theme in form of photoimage where it is reflected on the realism of lucha libre. Since the pictogram reflects in form of colours and action, photoimage effectively shows the movement of the actual wrestlers in their adaptive environment. This design composes on the unique styles of "flying" for the wrestlers to show their skills in the ring.
Subculture Identity Logotype
The Logotype design illustrates the theme using pure typeface and letterforms to show it as an imagery. To make the theme looks more powerful and conceptual, the stars are applied and by creating a jumping effect to have its personality being reflected.
Subculture Identity Packaging
To make the visual solutions perform well in a physical matter, I apply them on a physical solution so it brings more realism to the visual icons. The pictogram and the logotype creates a strong chemistry together and it conveys a strong message to the whole packaging.